Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekend Stitching

I didn't get as much done this weekend as I'd planned. We ended up going shopping and it tired me out so much that I napped much of the afternoon instead of stitching. But I did pick out my lazyboy, so that was nice. We just have one more place to check prices first before we buy it, but the model is picked. Yesterday I spent much of the morning making mess in the kitchen - for only 2 of us, we ended up with a lot of food, but I guess that's normal for SuperBowl Sunday. Today I had to go back to the hospital for some tests, which took a chunk out of today as well.

I did another block on my weather sampler - this one went fairly quickly compared to some of the others. Then I put in 2 hours on my Iris UFO. After all the backstitching on the Cranberry and weather samplers, it was nice not to have any to do. Tonight I'm working on a little pincushion motif, once again with no backstitching, but not quite worth posting a picture. We'll see how I do tomorrow.

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